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 Free and opensource multilingual dictionary and storage tool

Current version:  2.4

  • Different sources:   You may load dictionaries from xdxf files or from StarDict files or you can create it by youself and copy or move items from other dictionaries
  • Different storages:   You may save you dictionaries almost in any database Oracle,DB2,MSSQl,MySql,PostgreSql,Derby,H2 (by default H2)
  • Multisearch:   You can search from any language to any count of others depends of group of dictionaries even with mask symbols in search string
  • Attachments:  You may attach files or urls to articles and select for storage into the database. It will be compressed and stored for offline usage
  • Encryption:  You may use strong encryption (only if database is H2) with AES algorithm for all you data transparently
  • User dictionaries:  You may create you own dictionaries or change others and save it for you frends. And you friends will be able to plug it in.
  • Localization:  Now this software is localizable - you may download, read instructions about and translate it and send to me for uploading on this site. It can be helpful for you friends. After downloading org.threepio.nls.[you lang] plugin just put it on plugins directory of threepio

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Plugins with src 2.4 14.7 MB Help included
Change Log
Application for windows 2.4
39 MB Help included
Change Log
Application for Mac (cocoa) 2.4 37.0 MB Help included
Change Log
Application for Linux 2.4 38 MB Help included
Change Log
Localization plugin example 2.4 5 kb Readme included

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